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American Flags for sale from USAFlags are produced in America! Nylon and 2 Ply Polyester. We supply a wide selection of United States Flags for sale in America. If you are unable to find the American Flag you're searching for, call email us at and we'll find it for you. We have an easy and secure checkout on the net. Click on a link on this page and it will take you to a PayPal drop down menu, select the size flag you want and BAM, check out securely with any credit card ...very fast and you're done...we ship next day. Easy, Easy, Easy...try us out!


Nylon Flags:

Nylon American Flags:

American Flags for Sale

The industry standard 200 denier nylon is the most popular and versatile outdoor flag fabric available. Nylon American flags are mostly used outdoors. They are long lasting and lightweight. The best nylon flags are available here at usaflags. The nylon material is fast drying to allow the flags to fly in the slightest of breezes. The material is treated to withstand fading to sustain their colors for a longer display timer. Nylon American flags are highly recommended for any display whether used on an in-ground pole or a pole attached to a house or an office building giving the fullest visual effect.


2 Ply Polyester Flags:

2 Ply Polyester American Flags

The longest lasting outdoor American flag material is available for sale. This 2 Ply Polyester American flags are the most suitable choice for extreme winds and excessive sun. Our 2-ply heavy duty spun polyester American flag is your best choice for durability, strength and fly-ability. This is the ideal flag for extreme weather conditions. Customers appreciate the rich deep colors and soft feel of this American flag material. Order yours today at There are 100's of companies selling flags. We only sell American flags made in the U.S. at fair prices with shipping and handling included in the price. All our flags ship same day or next day latest. All size American flags are available from 3' X 5" flag up to a 30' x 60' American Flag. Feel confident ordering securely from our American Flag site.

We have sold thousands of American flags the last 17 years.

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We also have a number of specialty flags such as Betsy Ross, Bennington, etc. The Bennington and Betsy Ross Flags have embroidered stars and sewn stripes. Our 3 x 5 Nylon Economy Flags have embroidered stars and sewn strips. The Gadsden flag is printed. The Duralite 76 Flags is printed. All are nylon and good quality.


A cost saving way to buy a porch flag is our Forever Flag. It is perfect for the homeowner who displays their flag from a porch. A great American flag for the money. This is a unique new way for homeowners to save money.


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American Flags for Sale

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