About American Flag

We have the best American flags for sale. Approximately 20 years ago me, an Army vet, and my buddy, a Navy vet, were doing sales promotion for various organizations. We heard of an organization called the National Flag Foundation in Pittsburgh and approached them to come up with some fund raising ideas and to also promote the awareness of the American Flag. We did several promotions for them and in the process needed a flag manufacturer to work with us. In the process of searching for a high quality flag we found our current manufacturer. We have been selling American Flags for almost 18 years with a website for the last 14 years. My partner died a few years ago and I decided to continue our business. You may contact me at this email address or call me at 724-712-6024.

"Our 20' x 38' War Memorial Flag flies 24 hours a day atop a 140' pole, and we fly it 8-9 months between replacements" Kenny Poland, Chairman, War Memorial Committee.

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