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American Flags for sale | A complete line of American flags using several different materials.

We are having an american flag sale and we sell an amazingly long lasting line of 2 ply Polyester flags. We wanted a flag that would have the longest, most durable life. These flags are made to our specs and we are extremely proud of them. They have sewn stripes and embroidered stars and last and last! You will be more than satisfied with this beautifully made American flag. And, due to the instant success of these flags we have reduced the price of the 4 x 6 foot and 5 x 8 foot flag...thanks to our great customers. American Flags for sale. These U.S. flags are made of tough 2 ply polyester; the strongest, longest lasting flag material developed for maximum durability in unpredictable weather conditions. Polyester American flags are an excellent choice for commercial or industrial use or for the homeowner who wants the best.

All Orders shipped same day or next day via USPS Priority Mail!

We also have a line of flags that have a nylon blue canton along with nylon mesh stripes that allow some wind to pass through. This means less flapping and less tattering. This Mesh Striped Flag flies really great. If you fly a flag 24/7 try one of these Mesh Striped flags, you'll like their durability. 4' x 6' and larger only.

And, we have a line of Historical flags - all made in the USA! Our historical US flags like the Betsy Ross Flag, Bennington Flag, and Gadsen Flags are a wonderful remembrance of our American heritage. These high quality outdoor flags are made with the same material and careful attention to detail as our most popular nylon U.S. flags. The Betsy Ross flag and the Bennington flag are offered in a deluxe model with sewn stripes and embroidered stars. The Gadsden flag is available only in the printed models. Show your pride in our American history with these reproductions of the U.S. flags flown by our forefathers.

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"I just purchased an American flag from your company a couple of weeks ago and would like to commend you and your company for the great products you offer and excellent customer service."

- Michael A. Sorensen, CMSgt

"Hello, Thanks a lot for the flag. It's wonderful. Perfect! Thanks again"

- Filippo B., Italy

"We flew a 5'x8' American flag made by your flag company...in many severe weather conditions. I was totally amazed when we took this flag down to find it in the same condition as it was when we put it up over 5 months earlier.."

- Kent Talich, Park Superintendent, Filippo B., Italy